Improve your grades with the best qualified tutors in Kenya

With the best qualified tutors we offer personalized education to students giving both online and contact classes. The classes are suited and delivered as per the student's individual needs.

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With due dilligence and careful selection we have tutors qualified in tackling both the local and International curricula to meet every learners needs.

  • 1.Checkpoint
  • 2.A Level
  • 3.O Level
  • CBC
  • 1.Primary
  • 2.Lower Sec
  • 3.Upper Sec
  • 8-4-4 REVISON
  • 1.KCPE
  • 2.KCSE
  • K-12
  • 1.Keystage 2
  • 2.Keystage 3
  • I.B
  • 1.PYP
  • 2.MYP
  • 3.DP
  • A.C.E

    Bible based K-12 system


    @Kes 500 per session

    We offer group sessions in all subjects for classes from upper primary to secondary students in all curricula.

  • Class 8 Revision
  • Form 2
  • Form 3
  • Form 4
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    Why you should choose to study with us

    Quality Tutors

    We gathered top-tier quality tutors who have undergone rigorous on-boarding process to ensure our students get the best. With perfect command of their subjects of focus they will help the students thrive and excel.

    Student Centered

    All lessons are student-centric.With a general focus on the holistic development of the individual children, we do not just give tutors but rather mentors who help shaping the student into being better individuals.

    Engaging Lessons

    Lessons are held by professional teachers who are willing to help each student. Smart teaching technologies and special methodologies do not leave any student aside.

    Importance & Benefits of Private Tutoring

    A Tailored Approach to Learning

    A good tutor will take the time to create a study plan for each individual student to ensure that they receive a personalised service. With excel tuition, students are given one to one attention, each tutor is allocated to a maximum of 5 students, which enables students to ask any questions and focus on specific areas of a subject that they may need help with.

    Improved Performance in School

    Many students find that private tuition helps improve their coursework in class. As students become more confident in a subject, their motivation to do well increases. This can often lead to an overall improvement in their grades. What’s more, some of the techniques that they learn from their tutor can also be transferred to other subjects.

    Enhanced Understanding

    School courses can often move quickly and many students don’t grasp every aspect of a topic before it’s time to move on. With private tuition, students are given the opportunity to concentrate on those topics that they don’t fully understand, because without the basics, learning gets more and more difficult as time goes on.

    Improved Confidence

    Using a private tutor can often give students a much needed confidence boost. Due to the ‘one to one’ nature of private tuition, tutors can quickly identify which areas a student may need improvement in – something that students may not be able to identify on their own. Sometimes all it takes to instill a little confidence in a student is to have a tutor identify what they are doing correctly and suggest how they may improve in the areas they are falling short in.

    Better Time Management

    For students, one of the biggest challenges of their school career is managing their time effectively. They may have several other interests outside of school and balancing each of them appropriately can often be difficult. A good tutor will be able to help students come up with their own study schedules and recommend, when, where and how to study.

    Flexible Learning

    For some students, working within the confines of a 5 to 9 hour school day doesn’t always inspire their maximum learning potential. Some students, who study creative subjects, find that they work best at certain times during the day. Using a private tutor enables students to schedule lessons when it suits them.

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